We did one of our favourite things yesterday courtesy of GaGa Theatre who sent me a family ticket for Up and Down.

K is a big fan of Lost and Found (or the boy and the penguin as she calls it), so was as keen as mustard to see the show.  B is nearly 6 and felt it was a bit young for her but secretly enjoyed it and joined in.

The show is pitched at younger children. Perfect for preschoolers. It was interactive, including a nice right-across-the-audience parachute sequence and bits where the Boy and the Penguin came down into the audience to speak to the children.

Using both live-action and projections, along with a bit of jigging and music, the show was a sweet early introduction to theatre.

Not too long at 40 minutes, our showing was at the wonderful Duke of Yorks picture house. A Brighton institution serving tea and coffee as well as cake and good quality snacks and chocolate for refreshments.

I would strongly recommend it to parents of younger kids, especially those not used to the theatre. K really enjoyed it and B did too if she’s honest. For me, I liked it, loved the music and the gorgeous illustrations as well as the loving message about friends.