This is just a quickie.  D got a deal on the weekend before his birthday for 1/3 off at Yo Sushi, so we took the kids.  We knew they would enjoy the novelty of the conveyor belts, and thought it would be fun.  We had our wedding at Moshi Moshi then (Moshimo now), so have always been pretty keen.

The kids loved it and B tried lots.  K, less so, but that was expected.  She did eat softshell crab though, and we just want them both to try new stuff and eat happily in different places, so felt this was a win.

We all had fun even though it was still pretty expensive despite the discount (such was the novelty, the girls did take quite a few plates)!  It was tricky to contain the children with so much going on too.

The water dispenser at the tables and the kids chopsticks were good fun.  The price is probably prohibitive for us in future, and it wasn’t gourmet, but it was fun and new and we had a nice family lunch.

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having a laugh