A few weeks ago the lovely folk at Green People asked me to review their suncream and deodorant.  These are two items I have struggled to find natural versions of, that I like.  I have even tried making my own deodorant, which you can read about here.

I thought I might make my own suncream too –  I have seen various versions on Pinterest.

My greatest challenge with suncream is my very allergic daughter, B.  She has never been able to have any suncream on her face, so just has to wear a hat.  We have used Jason’s Factor 30 Mineral sunscreen historically on her body, which she’s not allergic to, but separates and is greasy and can be difficult to rub in.  It also costs £13.99 for 113g.  It is also water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, which is useful.

The Green People one (which I was sent for free for the purpose of this review), was their Organic Children Sun Lotion and the SPF was 25.  It comes in tubes of 150ml for £16.95, so ml for ml its very slightly cheaper.

I tried the cream on me first, as often I will feel stingy or itchy too if B is going to be allergic to it.  It is thick and white but much more creamy than greasy compared to our usual one.  It’s unfragranced.  It’s nice to smell of coconuts but not at the risk of blowing up.

Once I found that both me and my littlest daughter could use it, we tried it on B.  And voila – she was fine!  This is the second suncream we have ever found that she can use and it’s much more pleasant to use.  Although its less waterproof, it is water-resistant, but Jason’s greasiness helps it to stay on in water for longer.

They work in different ways, with Jason’s being purely a physical block and Green People containing Natural UV filters along with mineral ones.

So, in future for picnics and camping, Green People has it, although we’ll still keep hold of Jason’s for the beach.

My homemade deodorant smelled gorgeous in the pot, but to be honest, didn’t get me through the day.  I am very nervous about traditional deodorants and try to use natural, but need them to work.  I am overweight and busy so I do sweat (no prettily glowing here I’m afraid).  I love Weleda’s Rose deo too, but again, it only lasts till lunchtime.

I am thrilled with Green People’s rosemary deodorant.  It gets me through the day (mostly) not always dry, but usually unsmelly, which is all I ask for these days.  I have yet to find a natural deodorant that does the job as efficiently without the chemicals, but I’m happy with this one and will buy it again.  I always prefer to use a natural one, and this is the choice for me.  A rose or lavender scent would really swing it for me though (I’m a sucker for an old lady floral).

I was given both these products to keep but I was not paid for this review and my opinions will always be strictly and completely honest.