How you were born is a beautiful book, covering a fascinating subject matter.  The whole family really loved it, and it has opened up lots of very important conversations.  As well as some giggles and cuddles.

When the publisher, Pinter and Martin asked me to review this for them, I jumped at the chance because one of my ‘things’ is to be scrupulously honest about biology with my children.  We’ll never have ‘that’ conversation, as it has been an ongoing dialogue since the girls were very young.

I really disapprove of keeping secrets about biology, love and sex, and honestly believe this is why these lessons can become difficult (for adults and children) as the children grow.

We are a very close and open family, so the kids know about poo, periods and how babies are made.

We teach them all about science in every day activities.  Baking, gardening, going to the doctors.  There are no lessons, but also no secrets or ‘tales’ about their biology.

This book is beautifully illustrated, and whilst it’s not graphic, it does show birth including the baby coming out vaginally, but in a very charming, loving and respectful manner.

The girls both enjoyed it and asked more questions.  But funny ones to be honest – why everyone comes to the home after the baby arrives, being K’s main concern.

We liked this one so much, we are planning to buy the others in the series.  D and I discussed what age they are suitable for and both felt that because it was gentle and beautiful, it covers all age groups from very young babies and toddlers to young school-age children (B is nearly 6 and K is 4 – they both really enjoyed it).  The children will come up with different observations and questions according to their ages.

I can see that this will be a book we return to many times.

I was not paid for this review, but I did receive a copy of the book to keep.  However, my reviews will always be scrupulously honest, so I could have said anything!