I know they have only been back a few weeks, but nonetheless, I have spent the morning booking mine into holiday clubs for the coming half term.  We have our feet in two counties, as the kids go to school in Hove and we live in Worthing.

I am ‘that mum’ when it comes to holiday clubs.  Mostly ‘cos mine have never been the kind of kids that I could send along to just anything.  It has to be REALLY GOOD before they’ll go.  And they hold no truck with formulaic clubs, which offer essentially the same process, with a different theme.

Anyway, I get asked a lot about which clubs they are going to each holiday, so I thought I would share here.

Their favorites do change of course, as they grow up and their interests change.  And some are just too pricey to feature regularly, but we book ’em in as a treat.

And as a caveat, I am lucky enough to work for myself, so my kids can go to those occassional, pop-up clubs, which I know don’t suit every family.


Bee In The Woods, a longtime favourite for both the kids, where we drop them off to make camp bread and pond dip with their foresty friends over at Foredown Allotments (Portslade) a couple of days each holiday.  I am on strict instructions to BOOK EVERY ONE of these sessions.


Sussex Youth Theatre, who are presenting a Horror and Halloween workshop at the labour hall near us on 23rd October.  10-3pm, take a packed lunch.


The wonderful Youth University at Davisons school, in Worthing – I don’t have a link for the October half term yet, but they do the odd Saturday session in between.  Usually with great sciencey bits and there’s one coming up on 30th September, where they get to study anatomy and dissect a kidney.

I would love to hear about MORE holiday clubs in Sussex though. So if your kid’s favourite club is not mentioned here, or indeed, your own offering needs covering, please click the link below and fill in the form to let me have your details and I’ll speak to the little darlings (and publish them all in a directory).


School Holiday Clubs – Worthing, Hove, Brighton