Camping with kids

And so the packing begins. I know we should take little. But that’s never quite how it pans out. We’re camping with our lovely school and there’s going to be lots of us so realistically, if we haven’t got it, someone else will. There are obvious essentials, such as the tent, sleeping bags and mats. We have firepits so we could do without a stove (although I will be taking one along with my camping kettle, cafetiere and ground coffee). So, other than that, some spare knickers and a bag of marshmallows ought to do it. But then I...

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Hosting homestay Students when you have kids

We were extremely nervous about hosting students in our home.  We’ve got small daughters of four and five, who are loud and messy and like to be naked a lot of the time. One of my kids is very choosy food-wise, although we try not to let that affect the meals the rest of us eat, inevitably, it can mean some odd side dishes are served. We also didn’t have a ‘spare room’, although we did have a front room for TV and relaxing along with a chaotic play room, so re-thought that arrangement. We ditched a lot of toys and tried...

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Week two (ten weeks of thrift)

I’m beginning to see a pattern in my thrift fails. Once again I’ve spent probably £20 in cafés that I could have avoided. D has been a little better than last week, taking lunches in his smart new lunchbox. And this morning he’s done his special Japanese steamed eggs, but I’ll wait to hear how they taste by lunchtime. We had a big win with the lovely but very thrifty (just £3) baby’s cardigan that we bought from Emmaus, Brighton for a friends baby ‘shower’. And I did a great fill-the-cupboards shop at Tiba on Boundary Road near home in Portslade.  I bought...

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Cafes, jewellery and rubbish bus-news #TWTWC

On Monday and Tuesday I worked and the kids went to school.  I also found out that from September I’m going to be driving to the girl’s school in Falmer. Every day. Twice a day.  Phew. I understand the reasons behind the decision (the school bus will be running from the permanent site to the temporary site while the school is built), and expected it to be honest. But its going to limit my working day and be a bit of a headache. Especially compared to the ease of our current school bus that collects and drops just up the...

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What is a Dad

I know how lucky my little family is.  D is a truly wonderful (husband and) father to our two girls.  He is engaged and hands-on.  He works flipping hard at work so that I can be at home with them, but then he also does his utmost to be home with us as much as he can too. Recently, we felt a little disconnected, so D reduced his working hours, just by two and a half, but that two and a half means that we can be together with K for one afternoon a week.  This is time we...

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Thrifty meal ideas for hungry teens

Well I’m rather smug at my latest haul from the wonderful Tiba in Portslade.  I’ve always bought nuts, fresh herbs, spices and coconut milk from there, as its very much cheaper than elsewhere and when you eat pistachio nuts in the volume we do, you’ve got to find a sensible price. But yesterday, I bought 5kg of rice and 15 pita breads there for £5.99! They also sell delicious, plump fruit and veg as well as slightly scary meat.  You can buy a lambs head if you want to. Anyway, it got me thinking about what we’re going to...

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My Mother-in-Law’s Slow Fashion Triumphs

Our ‘Nana’ is a very old-hand at slow fashion. Not only does she knit her own, but she can sew from a pattern and hack her own clothes from material or existing clothes she picks up in charity shops or already has in her wardrobes. So when Zoe over at Eco Thrifty Living challenged a few of us to a Slow Fashion Month, I knew I would write something about what Nana gets up to. Here are a three new pieces of clothing that she has made recently. A skirt and top from a dress she no longer liked the shape of and a top made from a skirt she saw in a charity shop. she liked the fabric, but not the style. She it totally and utterly inspiring. She’s also very talented and knows here way around a lot of crafts. Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Like this:Like...

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A review of Yo Sushi in Brighton

This is just a quickie.  D got a deal on the weekend before his birthday for 1/3 off at Yo Sushi, so we took the kids.  We knew they would enjoy the novelty of the conveyor belts, and thought it would be fun.  We had our wedding at Moshi Moshi then (Moshimo now), so have always been pretty keen. The kids loved it and B tried lots.  K, less so, but that was expected.  She did eat softshell crab though, and we just want them both to try new stuff and eat happily in different places, so felt this...

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My Warm Sweet Potato & Feta Salad

I have yet to convince the girls of this meal, but have successfully convinced every adult I have served it to. I often make it after we have made home-made pizza, as the kids like to cut up lots of peppers and tomatoes, but don’t necessarily like to have all of them on the pizzas. Take roughly chopped sweet potato, courgettes, mixed peppers, red or white onions, whole cloves of garlic, halved tomatoes, and drizzle with olive oil.  Roast in a medium oven for maybe 35 minutes, until your onions and sweet potatoes are caramelizing. Drizzle some salad leaves...

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How you were born by Monica Calaf & Mikel Fuentes

How you were born is a beautiful book, covering a fascinating subject matter.  The whole family really loved it, and it has opened up lots of very important conversations.  As well as some giggles and cuddles. When the publisher, Pinter and Martin asked me to review this for them, I jumped at the chance because one of my ‘things’ is to be scrupulously honest about biology with my children.  We’ll never have ‘that’ conversation, as it has been an ongoing dialogue since the girls were very young. I really disapprove of keeping secrets about biology, love and sex, and...

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