I constantly question what I’m doing parenting wise. Am I doing it right? Have I done enough? Which ‘type’ of parent am I? Does it matter?! Attachment Parenting advocates co-sleeping and slings and being present and engaged with our babies. Gina Ford followers are keen on routine and discipline. Non Violent Communicators are committed to equality and respect between the parent and child. Baby led parenting lets the child lead, most often referred to around weaning. But you know what? None of it is always right for you and your baby necessarily. I know committed APers on their knees...

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Our Clay Nativity

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I had some fantastic news yesterday.  I seem to have been teleported to the top of the allotment list, and am going to be invited to an allotment letting event shortly.  I have been on the list around a year, so am thrilled to be nearing a plot! I always wanted Wildplay to have a gardening and growing side to it, and whilst we have done a little with our elf gardens, this could mean we can really get down and dirty! The excitement has already run-off with me.  Without seeing the site, or knowing what kind of space...

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If I had more spare time….

I would roll around in bed with my babies in the mornings. I would grow my own flowers and vegetables. I would master the home-made curry. I would make nettle soup again. I would have the zen-est house, without piles of paper-work and lonely, outgrown toys. I would paint. I would paint my walls. I would drink cocktails with my friends in the afternoons. I would learn yoga and meditation. I’d borrow a dog and walk with it.  And keep chickens. Or I could work more. Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to...

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A personal post

It’s been a long, strange and changey year.  I turned 40.  I started two businesses, made a lot of decisions and cried a lot of tears.  I faced up to some things, and forgave others.  I finally feel a little like a grown-up. I’ve been a Mum for over five years now, and have faith in myself. I have a new-found confidence and direction professionally, based around what I enjoy and not what’s expected of me. I have welcomed creativity into my life, something I haven’t explored in over 20 years, and have loved it and felt good about it. I accepted some limitations and have learned to embrace them.  I have learnt that generally, we are not unkind and that we all have our own insecurities which can mean we’re not always mindful.  I can now let these small slips, including my own, pass. Our truths can change from one day to another, but that’s not lying. I’ve had some deeply crappy moments and some of sheer joy, but feel I know myself better now than ever before. Is 40 middle-aged now? Am I mid-way through my life? I expect not quite. Both my grannies are still going, well into their 90’s. Far from being past-it, I’m feeling brand new. My kids are at school and pre-school and my world-view is markedly different from pre-babies. I feel like...

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Portslade – A Love Story

I moved to Portslade around eight years ago, and have grown to love it. But at first, if I’m honest, we came here because the houses were cheap and there was a big garden. The transport links to Brighton, Hove, London and Worthing are excellent. It wasn’t quite Hove, and we felt it.  In those days of course, we still went out in the evenings and could sit in cafes reading newspapers at the weekend. We loved our garden though, and planted a beautiful Cherry tree in it after our first year, which is now enormous. We had enough...

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Halloween’s Hangover – Pumpkin Recipes!

What to do with your Halloween Pumpkin innards. Two delicious recipes to use-up your lantern left-overs Pumpkin, Chicken & Coconut Curry Sling turmeric, cumin seeds, cardamom pods, chopped or crushed garlic (3-4 cloves) a couple of whole split chillies, garam masala, white and black pepper and a finger of fresh ginger (matchsticked) into a pan with chicken fat salvaged from a roast for five mins, and fry but don’t burn it. This a a stand and stir job. Add chopped onions, garlic, peppers and courgette (whatever you like- baby corn would be nice and aubergines).  Cook for ten minutes, stirring...

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The last Wildplay of 2013 – Wizards and Woodland Magic

Thank you everyone!  What a wonderful last-session-of-the-year we had. I had so many enquiries, sadly turning many families away, as our numbers are limited by our insurance.  If you were one of these families, please do sign up to our facebook page and our mailing list to make sure you are kept up to date as the sessions come online next year. In case you didn’t make it this year, I wanted to write up our wonderful, fun session, so you know the kind of thing we get up to at Wildplay.  If you did make it – Thank you.  I...

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Make Do shop

We were in the Midmarket De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Thursday (fabulous, day thought and chat-provoking exhibition for adults and children, beautiful beach, fabulous ice cream and opposite th?y at Paolo’s), and came school across this. We paid £10, and essentially, its Chemist just connectors, hinges and some stickers, wholesale jerseys but it REALLY fired the girls imagination, and is re-usable, time and time again. You need a good cheap jerseys few Blog cardboard boxes. Luckily, we have a very well-stocked making box and had loads of cardboard from wholesale mlb jerseys a recent Ikea delivery....

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Surviving school holidays – A mumming toolbox

I have so looked forward to this summer.  Blissful sunshine-filled days playing aimlessly in the garden and staying in our PJ’s till lunchtime!  Of course, now it’s here, it brings its own challenges. (And is not always as rose tinted as I would like). The girls and I are all quite ’emotional’ and if any one of us is tired, life can be very hard work for us all.  We have mornings where we are all irritated and shouting at each other, alongside the blissy cuddle-up days. My girls don’t yet do anything for themselves.  They don’t turn the...

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other stuff

As well as writing about my 40's, I run Do Stuff U Love.  It's a small business, helping other small businesses in Brighton, Hove and Worthing to manage websites, blogs and social media


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