You send the images and text, I make up the advert


I can also share via my social platforms, which reach families in Worthing, Portslade and Brighton.


No Tie-in. If you like it, and it brings you business, renew for the next month.

Plans and Pricing

I can write for my blog, or for your business blog (and explain the difference, the whys and the hows).  We can also make a bespoke package.  Get in touch to talk it through.

Sidebar ad

  • Square sidebar advert with link to your site
  • You pay monthly for the month ahead 

Sidebar ad with weekly social posts

  • Square sidebar advert with link to your site
  • You pay monthly for the month ahead
  • Weekly posts on My Fluxy Forties social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) mentioning your business 

Blog post plus social

  • One blog post about your business
  • Social posts on all channels (facebook, Instagram and Twitter), weekly, for four weeks. 

Why advertise on My Fluxy Forties

Why not keep spending my money on print advertising?

When I am looking for a local service, restuarant or other business, I tend to use Google.  

If you recognise this

I chose your business because I read a brilliant review on a local blog, or found your facebook page mentioned on my social media.

Or this

I don’t read print magazines and leaflets tend to go straight into the recycling.  I ask online for my friend’s recommendations, or check my social media if I need advice on where to go or who to use.

Or this one

Want to find out more?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, please get in touch.

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