So, anyone who knows me, is a fb friend, knows a friend of mine or is on a Portslade or Worthing forum already knows that we’re FINALLY realising our dream of moving to Worthing.

It’s been a long old road (and we’re still only at the very start of it).  We’ve been looking at houses over in the sunniest spot in the South east for, oh, five years?

We have loved Portslade and it’s pretty exciting over here too at the mo, but Worthing is where it’s at for us now.

Our new house (fingers crossed) is much bigger than we could afford over here and is a bit of a dream realised for us.  There’s work to do.  Lots actually.  And my creative bells and whistles are all creaking and buzzing in readiness.

But the really exciting bit is Worthing itself and the pace of change and the whiff of new starts and seaweed!

We’re over there a couple of days a week these days.  The kids are trying holiday clubs, workshops and play sessions.  Splashpoint pool is better than any Brighton has to offer.

New pubs and cafés are opening every week.

It’s a total Mecca  inclusive, sharey vibe.  I’m even doing a crochet workshop myself in a fortnight.

So I thought I would write a bit about my discoveries.  I’m going to cover the workshops, eateries, museums, beaches and everything I find in Worthing, as I find them.

I’m looking forward to writing again about something I’m interested and passionate about, and it’ll make a lovely document of our move and the adventure for us.