I’m beginning to see a pattern in my thrift fails. Once again I’ve spent probably £20 in cafés that I could have avoided.

D has been a little better than last week, taking lunches in his smart new lunchbox. And this morning he’s done his special Japanese steamed eggs, but I’ll wait to hear how they taste by lunchtime.

We had a big win with the lovely but very thrifty (just £3) baby’s cardigan that we bought from Emmaus, Brighton for a friends baby ‘shower’.

And I did a great fill-the-cupboards shop at Tiba on Boundary Road near home in Portslade.  I bought a 5kg sack of rice for £4.99 along with 15 pita breads for £1!  They are lovely, super soft and prefered by my daughters.  I’ve frozen ten of them for the coming week.

On the other hand, a big money-in disappointment with one of our pair of work experience homestayers not able to travel on Saturday. This means we’ll be paid much less. Also because it was at late notice I had already shopped, filling the fridge, expecting to feed two teenage boys on top of the family. We hope he’ll be able to come some time this week, and be HUNGRY!

Sadly, the full freezer also meant that I was unable to take and cook food that would be going to waste when a friend went away for the weekend, accidentally leaving her freezer open. I just couldn’t store any more food anywhere, cooked or not! Thrift failure!

I also had to make an emergency trip to George at Asda on Monday, since my elder daughter has outgrown every shoe in the house bar her DMs and winter boots (neither of which will fit her come the cold weather).  I usually don’t buy cheapies when it comes to shoes, but with just weeks left of term and a big recent spend on the Doctor Martens, I simply can’t afford more expensive ones.

We received a (forgotten-about but usual) bill for over £100 for the school bus too and the paddling pool has a puncture. With a camping trip coming next weekend and B’s birthday the following week, we’ve got a challenging ten days coming up, but I’m determined to do better.

I’ve already got most of what I need for the party, and the camp was paid for months ago.  I might have to be a little creative in the camping meals but am seeing it as a good opportunity to use up cupboard staples.  Beans, tinned toms, and pasta don’t need a fridge, so are perfect and I have a cupboard-full.

I’m still collecting thrifty recipes, so please do share any that you can recommend.  Thank you.