On Monday and Tuesday I worked and the kids went to school.  I also found out that from September I’m going to be driving to the girl’s school in Falmer. Every day. Twice a day.  Phew.

I understand the reasons behind the decision (the school bus will be running from the permanent site to the temporary site while the school is built), and expected it to be honest. But its going to limit my working day and be a bit of a headache. Especially compared to the ease of our current school bus that collects and drops just up the road from me.  You can’t have it all and it’s worth it for the school.  I’m hoping to sort out a lift-share so I only have to do the drive once a day.

On Wednesday I was given free, freshly baked bread from the food sharing page I’m on. Perfect!

In the afternoon,Kitty and I joined funny friends for a gorgeous, sunny, laughy lunch at St Anne’s Well gardens. I can confirm there is still a slightly aggressive seagull and pigeon issue over there, but we had a silly, lovely time talking craft (check out the nicknacks I am planning to jewellery-ise) and thriftiness (whilst eating a bought lunch – the irony is not lost on me).

We had a big storm in the night, which knocked over my peonies, giving me a good excuse to have some cut flowers in the house despite my thrift.

Thursday was spent at Seven Bees Cafe at St George’s church, celebrating a friends expected baby and all things pregnancy and birth. Lots of bloggy women, children and babies eating cake and drinking coffee in a gorgeous space.  Kitty and I gave our friend this gorgeous little cardi that we bought from Emmaus Brighton on one of our many visits.  Check out the vintage buttons – sweet!

We also blew up the paddling pool!  Summer is finally here.  Despite the pool being filled though, the girls wanted to draw, and so they rolled out paper on the dining room floor and made these life-size mermaid and princess’s.  We ate left-overs omelette, made with jalapeno’s, salami and a lot of cheese.  Super yum!

Friday was kids and craziness. Old friends and new here at Carter towers, the kids in the pool and the mummies sunning and chatting.

Home made pizza for tea and last-minute preparations for our boys arriving tomorrow  (we’re hosting work experience homestayers). Then we hear one is poorly, so can’t travel!

But the fridge is absolutely rammed with food in preparation!  Then to top that off,  I’m offered the entire contents of a friend’s freezer (it had been left open and therefore needed to be cooked/eaten urgently). Sadly, I just couldn’t fit it in the fridge, so despite my thriftiness, I didn’t take it.

On Saturday we have a lovely school play-date to celebrate securing the Hove Park site for our wonderful school.  We are all so thrilled – roll on September 2015!

Then our one boy arrived and we ate homemade burgers (his favourite). He seems very sweet, and I think hosting will be good for us as a family too.

Today, it’s Father’s Day. Swimming and relaxing mostly I reckon. We bought D beer, chocolate and fresh herbs, spices and cucumbers to grow in the garden.  I asked #whatisadad in this post and would love to hear what you think?


I captured my week for the lovely Hannah’s ‘The week That was Captured’ linky over at Make do and Push.


(I never did baby books and did well to keep everyone clean and fed when they were littler).

I love this linky, as it prompts me to write and to reflect on my week.  And I hope this blog will be something for me and my family to look back at.