Another lovely week!  Monday, we were off still with D, and I think we covered that day in last week’s TWTWC, as I handed in my homework rather late!

On Tuesday, K had an inset day, so although she would usually be at pre-school we met up at a friend’s house to chat about upcycling ideas (it’s a fashion thing and one you’ll hear more about here soon), and so that the kids could meet other children who will be in the same year (and maybe class) at our lovely school, the Bilingual Primary School.

It’s been a bit of a week of campaigning for the school, as we have applied for planning permission to build on a local brownfield site, but have been historically opposed by local residents.  This was the last week to write letters of support, and we are desperately hoping we have done enough and convinced enough people not only of the worth of our school and the need for more Primary school places in Brighton and Hove but also that the site is suitable.

On Wednesday, K had a morning at pre-school (this Easter holiday was rather stretched out for Miss K-La-Rue), and I caught up with jobs.  We also collected our first Catchbox.

This was super-exciting and meant that on Thursday night after a family swim (and a sneaky child-free lunch in the afternoon for the grown-ups), we ate buttered plaice with capers and pepper.  Yum-bo!

On Friday K and I started at Bilingual Tots, where we met lots of new friends from her new school.  We then spent the afternoon with a lovely old friend and her daughter.  Talking weddings. :0)

Saturday saw the launch of  this season’s of Wildplay.  I’m not running it any more, so had to sit on my hands and not interfere.  Beky did a grand job and we came home with wonderful Green man masks and elf gardens.  K loved it more for having my full attention and it was interesting that she was much more involved than she would get when I was presenting.

In the afternoon, we met again with the Bilingual School community and had a laugh and a play in Hove Park, where we hope that the school will be based in a year or so.  The families are a lovely bunch, and we’re all looking forward to camping together later in the summer.

Today, the girls swam, and B showed off her new underwater skills.  We then went to see Signor Baffo at the Komedia.  A gentle, fun, physical comedy, with lots of visual jokes and word as well as a lot of messy joining in. We all loved it and I thoroughly recommend it if it comes your way.