As usual I am late (very late – I missed at least one week) for The Week That Was Captured (#TWTWC). But better late than never, so here I am.

Last week I blogged on Monday and Tuesday and worked with a friend on her WordPress site. I had the best week ever on the blog and was really pleased with the post I wrote about my burn.  I also explored talking about beauty with the girls. And lots of other stuff – I posted most days.

The previous week included B’s 6th Birthday party, which we did thriftily, and K had a taster session at her new school, which she is desperate to get to (and so am I).

Highlights of our fortnight included K’s sports day, our final catch (and a very tasty meal) from Catchbox of sole and crab claws.  And the truly wonderful ‘Into the Woods’ at Emporium in Brighton by Chocolate Box productions.

Our two Italians arrived on Saturday, and I have stressed about what to feed them.  Sophisticated Milano boys, older than their years and I think quite foodie.  I fed them my spag bol last night, and they ate, but I’m sure it wasn’t what they expected.  I’m playing it safe with bangers and mash tonight. And think I’ll stick to traditional English or Asian food in future, so that I am more likely to get it right.

I bought a HMV Solid State Stereogram at Emmaus (it would be rude to go a week without buying something from my favourite shop), that I thought would make great storage.  Our dressing-up box has had it.  But D has scuppered my plans, deciding it will be fixed up (it works but needs some TLC).  It’s massive but lovely.

I also had about half my hair off, we had a sunny, swingy afternoon in Stanmer and a cold shandy in the hot pub (George Payne in Hove) with Kitty on Thursday.




I captured my week for the lovely Hannah’s ‘The week That was Captured’ linky over at Make do and Push.


(I never did baby books and did well to keep everyone clean and fed when they were littler).

I love this linky, as it prompts me to write and to reflect on my week.  And I hope this blog will be something for me and my family to look back at.