Last week I forgot to write about our big British Gas win.

You may remember my Home-Made Heater, that I made last year. I used it a lot when I was working alone and didn’t want to turn the heating on. With a few candles I can warm a small room.

We also had our chimney cleaned and the cap removed so we can have an open fire, which is gorgeous. (Although I haven’t calculated what we spent on wood through the winter). The fire is a treat really, but again heats one room not the whole house.

We’ve got individual room thermostats and even sometimes use electric radiators, when for instance, we just need warmth in the kids bedrooms which are in the roof.

Anyway, we obviously didn’t see an immediate difference in our gas bill. So it’s tricky to know if you’re making any difference. But we got a statement through from British Gas last week (who supply both our Gas and Electricity). And it was brilliant news – they reduced our monthly bill by a whopping £37 and gave us a refund of £297. Fantastic.

In other news, I picked up this ridiculous bargain today at Emmaus, Brighton (up at North Portslade). It’s an HMV record-player cabinet thing, which I am planning on stripping out and using for storage, although D feels it should be a massive mending project ( it doesn’t work). I’m not convinced. It’s beautiful whatever and cost a jaw-droppingly cheap £40. Yes, forty quid.


We also bought a ‘build a bear workshop’ bear today for K at Emmaus for 50p. Sob! I told you. Never, ever again.

I continue to enjoy my gorgeous flowers from the garden and am feeling better about last weeks splurge.

Hosting our first student has been a breeze (he’s sitting here now watching Friday-night telly). We have two new ones tomorrow and M goes home, so another new chapter. So far so good though.

Oh and I bought two fat, ripe avocados for £1.50 in Tiba on Boundary Road last week too. Trumping even that though, my friend Emma reports ten for £1 at the Turkish shop on London Road, so if you’re that end of town, get down there.  I love a good avocado, red onion and chopped tomato salad in the heat, alongside something spicy.  Dress with lemon or lime juice and lots of salt and pepper.  A pickled jalapeno too if you’re that way inclined.

And a huge curry last Friday night from New Star Tandoori on Trafalgar Road, Portslade for £15. Too much to eat and tasty too!