There’s lots happening in our lovely city and especially close to home in our little Portslade.  So for my first post in absolutely ages, I wanted to write about the Things I love about Portslade

1. Our new pub, The Railway Inn.  Okay, so the play area is not finished yet but it will be soon, the roasts look excellent, and it’s just ABOUT TIME we had a decent pub in the Slade.  The Railway Inn is the sister pub to the George Payne over in Aldrington, and most of Portslade is absolutely thrilled.  You can read more about it here.

2. The community.  More and more families are moving from Brighton and Hove to Portslade, as we have lovely more-for-your-money properties and gardens, free parking and great transport links.  If you’re already here, or your thinking of moving over, join our Buzz on Boundary or Friends of Vale Park group.

3. We’re so close to Brighton.  Okay, so we’re not IN Brighton, but we’re close enough to zip in on the train and not have to worry about parking.  Or take a bus (every 6 minutes).

3.5 Because of above, we can rent a room out to students or independent travelers to produce a very decent extra income.

4.  The vibe.  Portslade is friendly and real and exciting to be a part of.  We’ve got lots happening, including rumours of a new cafe.  There’s £40k apparently coming for our park. House and flats are being built all over the place and house prices are sky-rocketing (get in fast – its still cheap compared to Hove).  Eddie Izzard visited last weekend!  Eddie.  Izzard.

5. Parking.  It’s not perfect.  You might have to drive around a bit.  But the parking is free.