I have ‘gone self-hosted’!  And whilst I haven’t yet managed to migrate this old site to the new one, I have hit the button, which should mean that someone else does, and my next post may come from the new site (mummingatmumra.com)!

To celebrate, I thought I would join the lovely Hannah over at Make do and Push, in the week that was captured.

It’s been an interesting week, with my littlest,  K, playing Karaoke bars with her dollies (no idea – this is not something we have ever done, or something I talk about – I’m wondering about the suitability of the pre-school she attends)!

I wrote a competition entry blog post about screw school (the first rule of screw school, is we never talk about screw school)…

And I had a massive Saturday afternoon cook-up, producing excellent laksa, and terrible pork belly.  Ho hum.

The coffee is in the picture, as I am absolutely thrilled to be off my No Caffeine new year tip and back in the warming arms of my number one love at last!