I was just reading about someone who’s eight year old asked where babies come from. I know it’s traditional to keep it a secret from our children in this country, but I’ve never understood why. If we can tell them how their digestive system works (or the solar system), then why not their reproductive system. Why do we get all cagey and mysterious? Especially if we want to be able to talk to them about feelings, emotions and sexuality as they grow. Surely it’s counter-intuitive to start from a place of lies and obfuscation?
Anyway, I don’t do it that way. My kids have a full understanding of where babies come from and know the basics of how they get there. They also know all about periods, why I have them (and that they will) and how much they suck.
I hope we’ll be able to talk about sex, emotions, periods and all of it openly and honestly throughout their lives.