We’ve been in our house for over eight years and the little cherry tree we planted is now the biggest in the garden.

We’ve grown in other ways too.  Damian and I have made ourselves into a family having two beautiful and funny little girls.


D often works from home and I now run work on a freelance basis from home too. I cook, and my kids are furious crafters. Our house is full of stuff.  We’ve extended (twice), and our playroom is in the new(ish) extended bit, but nonetheless, we have no extra space for furniture collections.

And despite that, I continue to buy tables, (occasional, coffee, dining), and desks. Oh, and chairs. Rarely new though. It seems kind of silly to me to spend hundreds (even thousands) when you can buy beautiful, fabulously made stuff cheap, cheap, cheap! It’s so much better for the environment too.

I’ve taken a few pictures of some of the lovely second-hand furniture we have. We move it around a lot, and muddle second-hand bits in with cheap, modern bits where we need practicality.

Most of the G-plan is from Mish-Mash on Boundary Road in Portslade and Emmaus up at Portslade old village. The little chest with the bowls on top cost just £15.  The gorgeous yellow table is from Brighton Flea market in Kemptown.

The desk is from Domain in Hove and did cost a little bit.  But it’s lovely.  We swapped an Ercol Dining table and chairs in part payment, so still feel like we made a good bargain.

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