I’ve got a big change coming.  Little K is starting proper, big-school in September, and I will be able to work more.  I have always been a working Mum.  Part time in a corporate job until late 2012.  And doing my own thing since then.  Some Cookery Doodle Doo, Some Wildplay and now some freelance stuff and Social Sparkle.

I won’t pretend that I’m going to be one of the Mummies crying at the school gates.  We’re all well-ready for K to start school.  She does brilliantly at pre-school (in a proper school, very structured), and while she gets tired (of course – she just turned four), she loves it and is very keen to learn.  She’s already forging ahead and trying to read and works with her sister on her numbers and letters.  I don’t hot-house – there’s plenty of time for it.  We do a lot of creative stuff at home and I think reading best develops from a love of books, coming naturally from bedtime stories and spelling out signs.

I’m also very confident in our wonderful school.  The Bilingual Primary School in Brighton.  My older daughter will have been there a couple of years in September and is doing fantastically.  We’re a monolingual, English family, so to have the opportunity of bilingual children is amazing to us.  On top of that the school is delivering fantastic results, and their pastoral care has been wonderful.

I love K and my days with her, but after nearly six years of being at home with kids around half a week, I can’t wait to start moving forward professionally.

I’m going to be writing about the journey.  The challenges of freelancing and home working.  The attractions of co-working. Wearing smart clothes.  Ones without snotty tram-lines down the front.  Dresses that work well from board room to school-run.  I’m not really into makeup and fashion, but want to look smart and classic (and clean), polished and ‘put-together’ for meetings and presentations.  Perhaps ideas on a capsule wardrobe/makeup bag for when I have no time to think.  I’ll be covering getting organised at home and at work.  Great weekday meals.  Useful organisational apps.  Shameful prioritising.  Ah, lets not drill it down too far.  It’s me.  There’ll be all sorts.

I know I’m looking at it through rose-tinted glasses.  And that I’m very changey and emotional.  But I feel really positive about it now, and am looking forward to writing about all the crappy moments and disasters as much as the breakthroughs and exciting bits.

I would love to hear from anyone who has hints, tips, ideas, or warnings about life as working parent.  Good, bad, ugly or funny, please do share.  Especially guidance on style and fashion.  I am a woman who had only one bag until last week.