I wrote this blog post (Time Management for Worthing Mums) when I was really in the thick of it, and re-reading it remind me that putting my family first isn’t selfish.  It’s essential.

I have had a real week of it. Two BIG children’s parties, a sick child, two emergency babysits (and one where I was needed and said no). Two cookery classes, a spag bol and custard play date for eight, another for four, two interviews, a panicky-crisis-meeting and a long and enduring sense of guilt for the friend I let down.

All the demanding life-stuff pushes my work out-of-the-way, and then I am too busy working when my family need me. The family time for a freelancer is the bit you have left when everything else gets finished. But how does this work when the job is never ‘done’?!

I have a big event coming up next weekend, and I’m not ready. I have loads to do this coming week, and Little K has a visit to her new preschool. I’ve had to flip around some childcare, and beg a favour of said good friend. And another from Nana.

My big girl will be sent off to her after-school clubs, which she loves but is too tired for by this end of term.

I won’t see much of my girls this week, which makes us all miserable, and usually means it gets a bit shouty and angry around here as we all cope with being apart. What I need to do is slow down, cuddle up and chat. The reality is, the kids will be reluctantly farmed out and I’ll be distant and pre-occupied.

I have been sitting down and considering what’s really important. My priority will always be my family, but I really do need to work too. I have to find a better way of compartmentalising my life. My work timeis my work time and not my break for a cuppa, see a friend or make a meal time.

My play-time, is for me and my family, and I have to learn to be tight about it all.