Oh my goodness, goodness, goodness!  How do people do this?  Seven weeks today since our mortgage application.  SEVEN.  WEEKS.  And the bank has still not done the valuation. Apparently the rest all checks out and is moving along as it should be, but why so long to look at a house?  It took us less time than that to find it.

Of course our vendor is wondering if we have cold feet.  And we are worried they will pull the sale (although everyone is saying they are frustrated but positive).  All we can do is keep our fingers firmly crossed that something changes this week and we can all move forward.

There’s no chain – just us and them.  On the day we saw it I imagined living the last notes of summer there.  Now I’m just desperately hoping for Halloween.

Please tell me this is normal? Tell me yours took this long and then – bam!  You completed? Tell me something I want to hear.

I LOVE the house.  I let my heart jump and wiggle when we found it.  I have pictured our furniture room by room.  Me and D all smiley and messy in dungarees painting the walls turquoise.  The kids wandering home after a night out with their mates, a few years older and wilder.

I am trying not to think too much about it.  And chasing the mortgage bloke every day-or-so (he hates me).  Once it is done (and it will be one day won’t it?  And assuming it’s valued at the right amount), will it just trot through and all be rosy?