The girls and I got started on our Christmas decs today. Salt dough. Except, we don’t like the sore hands salt give you, so we didn’t put much in. If I can find the varnish, we’ll varnish them. I baked them quite hard, so am reasonably confident that they’ll last the year even if they don’t make it into the long term Xmas decs box.

Unfortunately, in the dedicated making we worked through today (Sheffield Park inspired garden door painting, a school dinner stylee gypsy tart (bleurk) and said baubles), the clay Nativity hit the floor and Joseph’s head got knocked off. Mary’s fallen off her chair too. So she now appears to be squatting. Perhaps it should be the actual birth scene… Interesting!

I got some flour and about a teaspoon of salt (it should be more, but I’m not convinced its necessary – I’ll let you know if my decorations go mouldy).
I added enough water to make it into a dough.
The girls rolled it out and cut out shapes using pastry cutters mostly. And punched out little holes for the hanging.
I baked it at 170 (fan assisted), and took the little ones out soonish, leaving the fatter ones in much longer.
When cool, we painted them with lots of gold and spots .