I have long joked about writing a style page for my littlest, who has a keen sense of herself.

At three she decided to have her hair all cut off (this nearly broke my heart and proved to me that I’m not as easy-going, feminist or open-minded as I thought I was).  That’s another blog post.  One I wrote, but got lost in the ether in a blog set-up change.  She wanted to look like Harry Potter, and in the end, I felt it had to be her own decision.  K is a true force to be reckoned with and I stopped arguing with her about the stuff that’s not important a long time ago.

Whilst my older daughter went through the pink princessy stage, this has not been the case for our little K.  She recently had a Superhero and Princess party  The princess bit was really a late add-on, since she didn’t want to alienate kids in her class.  When she decided to tell everyone at pre-school, (that princesses were invited too), I told her that I would speak to the girls’ mummy’s in the playground (and she could announce it in circle time).  I was ROUNDLY reprimanded.  ‘No mummy, you must speak to all the mummies’.  She was right of course.  Just as Superheroes are not just for boys, Princesses are not just for girls.  I keep on learning, and am very grateful to K for showing me what a rancid old sexist I am.