Life’s been good to us since we slowed down and this week we’ve seen lots of friends, had a family swim, eaten fresh fish and bounced at our gorgeous house-swap in the country.

We drove up to Suffolk yesterday.  The kids have loved being outside, feeding the chickens and boinging on the trampoline. Their chicken-love is making me think we need to consider a pet.  They were out collecting eggs before 6.30 this morning.

We also met with my mum and granny (mummy’s granny and granny’s mummy). And are seeing Papa and hopefully my sister and her family too, today.

One of my best friends took the leap to leave her job on Wednesday and start her own business doing something she loves.  I’m thrilled to see someone else doing what they need and want in life.

Catchbox brought us Huss which we roasted on top of a pile of olives, veggies, garlic and olive oil.  It was yummy, but took more cooking than I expected.

I learned about kosher fish too (and what’s not), as I collected Huss and Skate for my Jewish friends, which they couldn’t use.  Luckily, we are both members of a wonderful food-sharing group, so she could pass it on and make sure it wasn’t wasted.  Our group revealed their new logo this week, designed by another very clever and talented friend.

We visited Emmaus Brighton again, where I spied this lovely wardrobe.  I hope someone’s snapped it up by now.  We ate lunch at the lovely Revive and bought (and built) a 150 piece jigsaw for 50p

We’re relieved to be at half term and looking forward to the week ahead. We have lots planned. I hope not too much!


I captured my week for the lovely Hannah’s ‘The week That was Captured’ linky over at Make do and Push.


(I never did baby books and did well to keep everyone clean and fed when they were littler).

I love this linky, as it prompts me to write and to reflect on my week.  And I hope this blog will be something for me and my family to look back at.