It’s going well.  No, really.  We like it.  And we don’t feel invaded.  We are lucky to have enough space and we enjoy meeting everyone.

We wondered initially if we were spoilt by our experience with our first student, who was easy and very low maintenance.  Then we had a pair of strapping teen boys – a bit harder work.  More shopping.  More cooking.  Lost keys and dirty laundry.  But sweet, very well-mannered boys. Chatty and interesting.

Next we had a couple through Airbnb, which after catering for students, was a walk in the park. They needed a bit of cupboard space cleared and I was more ‘on it’ with keeping the house clean and tidy, but they didn’t need feeding or laundering and were LOVELY.  We have agreed a house-swap next year to their place in Madrid.  And we’re meeting for coffee and to improve both our language skills.

Then two young teachers in their summer holidays.  They are still here.  We even left them with the run of the house while we went on our summer holiday.

I think you have to ‘let it go’ a bit.  Accept that a few bits might get broken, lost or damaged. Recognise that you may have to wait for the bathroom or wash a pan before cooking.

We’ve lost a few keys, and the washing machine has broken though I think it’s just at ‘that age’.

Other than that, I just wish we’d done it sooner.  It adds a nice big chunk to the family finances, is really no trouble (or not much), and we actively enjoy meeting guests.