What a wonderful week off we all had.

My husband was off work for the week and we went to a caravan park on the Dorset Coast with the girls and my MIL.  We saw my 91-year-old Granny, the girl’s Papa (my Dad), and lots of aunties, uncles and cousins.  (Both my own and the girl’s).

We played on the beach and walked nature trails.  We stroked a slow-worm and made sand castles.

Back in Brighton, we bought Dr Martens for school and superhero tees for after.

We also went back to Soup Noodles on West street for our current favourite lunch. Mine’s a duck laksa if you’re ordering.

I captured my week for the lovely Hannah’s ‘The week That was Captured’ linky over at Make do and Push.


(I never did baby books and did well to keep everyone clean and fed when they were littler).

I love this linky, as it prompts me to write and to reflect on my week.  I hope this blog will be something for me and my family to look back at.