This is a post I wrote some time ago about my littlest getting her hair cut short.  It really suited her in the end but if I’m scrupulously honest, I like it a bit longer.  She still likes and wears it short (its a very short bob now), but she does like people to be sure she’s a girl and to have her ears covered.


I showed her a picture of Emma Watson who plays Hermione in the hope she might go for a very short but pretty elfin cut, but no. Its definitely Harry she wants… Have you seen that haircut?

I told a friend last night and she guffawed. ’like in friends when she asks for a Demi Moore and ends up with a Dudley Moore’! (Oh gawd, no, please).

My daughter dances to the beat of her own drum, and has a very eclectic style, which I think is wonderful. She has a great eye, and sometimes looks bonkers. Cutting edge stuff can look wack initially, and if you can’t dress in wellies, tights and a bare chest at three, well, what has the world come to?

I don’t feel quite so relaxed about this haircut though. I wish I did, and feel guilty (here’s another plate of guilt for you maaam) that I don’t. Am I an old-fashioned sexist, who believes girls should be ‘pretty’, with long hair? Well, no, I know I’m not, but why am I so reluctant to let her do her own thing with her own hair? At the moment it’s all over the place, and in her eyes. She hates it being combed or washed, so a short cut is totally the way to go. I’m DOWN with that. But Harry Potter?

She’ll get the cut. It’s important to her and therefore to me. But for a reason I don’t understand (and perhaps don’t want to confront) a little piece of my heart will break when she leaves the chair, thrilled with her lego-helmet, Harry Potter haircut.