I suffer from ‘tall poppy’ syndrome. I speak too loudly and too often and stand up for what I believe in. It doesn’t make life any easier.

Sometimes, I wish I could just SHUT MY TRAP.

I’ve been ‘called in’ to littlest’s school for a rollicking. Just like when I was at school.

I used to get rollocked for not wearing the right shade of red. For not singing in our religious assemblies. For being late. Again and again. For refusing to dissect a frog. For having terrible hair.

This time, I will be rollocked for telling a scared little boy that the thing he was worried about was not real. Reassuring him it wouldn’t come into his home. That his teacher had made it up. The topic had really caught his imagination, but in a terrible way.

My daughter went in yesterday and told the whole class it was ‘made up’. Teach is mad. Oh dear.