This week I realised there are a few places in Brighton we visit time and again. They may not be gastronomic wonders. The interior design might not be perfect, but they’re family favourites and I wanted to share them.

We love Marrocco’s on Hove seafront. Standard, good quality, child-friendly Italian food. It’s always busy and serves great pizza and fantastic ice-cream. On a sunny school night, when we can’t be bothered to cook, we’ll go down for a treat followed by a beachcomb or just a stroll on the pebbles while the sun sets. The kids are then rolled straight from the car into bed at seven. A treaty, fun evening for when you need a midweek break.


Another recent favourite, but reliable goodie, and the first choice for B’s birthday catering is ‘Noodles Soup’ on West Street. A fantastic, cheap and cheerful pick-me-up for tired shoppers in need of sustenance in town. B loves the 52, roast duck noodles soup and I love the laksa. It’s always busy, so today we grabbed soup to go and ate it at the kitchen table.




I would love to hear about your hidden gems. The places you and your family return to time and again.