It’s been another busy week this week.  Wonderful because we were all home for lots of it with D being off since Thursday morning.  I have really enjoyed the holidays this time around and am a bit sad it’ll be starting to get back to normal tomorrow (although my littlest is only at preschool for Wednesday morning this week, so she’s getting a very extended holiday).

Monday took us to the Dentist.  Big daughter B has grown two new teeth behind her bottom baby ones so we wanted to check them.  Apparently it’s perfectly normal and just a matter of waiting till they fall out.  Yay.

Tuesday, we headed to Brooklands with friends, which was fun, but probably won’t be featuring near the top of my ‘things to do in Sussex’ list.

Wednesday brought friends over for breakfast and the germ of renting a room to students.  We swam in the afternoon and heard that Kitty got into the wonderful Bilingual Primary School, so will be joining her sister in September.

On Thursday we met up with Beky from Wildplay who is launching this year’s sessions on Saturday.  We played at the lagoon, lunched at the Big Beach Cafe and threw stones and collected shells on the beach.

Friday was five hours at Washbrooks and a yes from D on having students.

So Saturday when we were up at Emmaus in North Portslade for their Easter Egg hunt, we also bought a new wardrobe for the room.

Of course, that meant all of Saturday afternoon and evening, followed by lots of Easter Sunday was spent moving furniture.  I had already promised my friend Emma a big bag of jumble for the Amnesty Jumble sale, so she got a car-load and I feel a lot lighter for having cleared out so much stuff!  I love a good clear out.  I’m the opposite of a hoarder!

The new family room is lovely. We have moved our living room into what was a playroom to make a family room. What was the living room will be a bedroom for students.  The family room looks out into the garden and is much bigger than we’ve been used to. We always planned to reclaim the playroom at some point but I never imagined it would be such a nice room once the toys were scythed back.  We have yet to see what living with a student might be like, but the money will certainly be handy.

We also squeezed in new DM’s for K (they had to be red so we ordered in last week when we bought B’s ones). As well as a visit to Brighton museum, lunch at Carluccios, the Brighton Food Festival *waves at Cookery Doodle Doo*, an ‘at home’ egg hunt, some Lego and a lot of love and hugs.

It’s been a great holiday. I kind of wish it could last forever. Although I have had some work ideas too, so am looking forward to some child-free time for those.

How has your Easter Holiday been? I would love to hear from you.






I captured my week for the lovely Hannah’s ‘The week That was Captured’ linky over at Make do and Push.


(I never did baby books and did well to keep everyone clean and fed when they were littler).

I love this linky, as it prompts me to write and to reflect on my week.  And I hope this blog will be something for me and my family to look back at.