I know how lucky my little family is.  D is a truly wonderful (husband and) father to our two girls.  He is engaged and hands-on.  He works flipping hard at work so that I can be at home with them, but then he also does his utmost to be home with us as much as he can too.

Recently, we felt a little disconnected, so D reduced his working hours, just by two and a half, but that two and a half means that we can be together with K for one afternoon a week.  This is time we wouldn’t normally have, and it’s terribly precious to us in these few months before she starts full-time school.  Thankfully D also chooses to work for a wonderful company, where the owners are also hands-on Dads, and so recognise the value of family time, making this is possible.

This morning, following-on from chocolate brioche and planting his Father’s day presents, D has taken the girls swimming.  I offered, but he wants to do this with them.  He wants to be with his daughters today.

I couldn’t in my wildest ‘little-girl-princess-knights-in-shining-armour-dreaming’ have come up with a blueprint for a better father for my children.  (Yes, I know this is a soppy one)!  If I had to come up with just one thing that makes a great Dad it would be that like D (irrespective of circumstances – I appreciate that we are very lucky work-wise and time-wise) he has a strong, personal connection with his children.

Whether the fathers in your life are hands-on, hands-off, absent, present, whatever;  I would love to hear about what you think makes a great Dad?  There’s a million and one different things and an awful lot that I think is completely irrelevant too (such as biology for instance). Please take the time to leave your comment, or tweet me @NancyRCarter #whatisadad Thank you