My eldest daughter is nearly six, but I wrote this before she was five and still agree with the sentiment.

She’s emotional and delicate and gets stressed easily (although she is gregarious and fun too).  She has found a new confidence in school, which has enabled her to take  risks and enjoy more independence.

However, when B gets tired, she loses her temper.  She cries easily and becomes angry and antisocial.  She needs alone-time, quiet time.  Family time and home time.  So do I, so I can completely understand how she feels and try to respect that.

This morning, after a long week of after-school clubs and play-dates, I took one look at her and realised she was not up to a classroom full of kids, and needed to be at home with her Mum.  I did the naughty and let her stay, and I’ll stick to my guns about it too.

My daughter is not ill physically, but her emotional well-being is as important, if not more so.

I was honest with the school.  I understand why they can’t support me in this choice, and appreciate that I can’t take her out of school just for being tired as she will miss important lessons.  I’m cancelling her after school clubs instead.

B’s sister also stayed home from nursery today and although I have had to work and even had a meeting here, they have had some great down-time.  Painting, dressing-up, watching a film.

They’re both crying now though, and B just bit K’s forehead.  Maybe the school would agree with me that it was the right course of action after all.

This post was originally written for Worthing Mums, when my daughter B was in her reception year at school.