And so the packing begins. I know we should take little. But that’s never quite how it pans out.

We’re camping with our lovely school and there’s going to be lots of us so realistically, if we haven’t got it, someone else will.

There are obvious essentials, such as the tent, sleeping bags and mats. We have firepits so we could do without a stove (although I will be taking one along with my camping kettle, cafetiere and ground coffee).

So, other than that, some spare knickers and a bag of marshmallows ought to do it.

But then I bought some gins-in-tins (nods to hurrah for gin and the Brighton blog massive). We need beers too. Books. Glow sticks. Torches. Hula hoops. Supersquirters. Suncream. Clay. Bubbles. Bunting. Face paints. Binoculars. Magnifying glasses. Notebooks, coloured pencils and nature books.

I’ll take a cool-box stuffed with the contents of our fridge (bar a pizza and some croissants for our homestayer).

I have chill-anxiety so will have spare blankets. A first aid box. Camping chairs? Wet wipes. Loo roll.

What do you take camping and what’s not important and can be left behind?

These days we find it’s the little things, like the head-torches we bought for the kids that bring the most joy.

I’ll never pack light.