Last weekend, we camped at the gorgeous Stonywish with our wonderful school, the Bilingual Primary.  And it was just gorgeous.

We ran wild and free.  The kids and the parents too.  There was Shadow Drama and sculpture using clay and natural found materials.  But mostly, just self-led wild exploration and free-form-fun.

The families at the school are a very positive, welcoming, creative and inspiring bunch.  I feel at-home and wonderful among them.  This weekend has glued into me that this is absolutely the right school and the environment for us.

My kids got wet, climbed trees, jumped ditches, got hurt, supported each other, worked together and resolved differences.  They made new friends, and built on existing friendships.

The sleeping was uncomfortable and the food was mainly bread and meat.  And we shouted and laughed and drank and rolled in the grass.  I need nothing more.

However, for prosperity, here is my list of the three most useful things and the three least important, so that when we camp again, I canlook back and remember.

Most important:

  • First aid kit with lots of cream and plasters
  • Cold drinks and ice
  • Lots of pillows and warm blankets (I didn’t take pillows, and realised they make a bed)

Least important

  • Lots of varied or complicated food, (although our friends Josh and Aye made a wicked lamb kebab and I keep thinking that a cook-off would be COOL)!
  • make-up
  • clean clothes

If you pack light and go with good people, the rest is easy.

There are already all sorts of plans afoot for the next school camp.  And my family will definitely be taking part.  However, I will be sleeping in a van next time.  And not three-in-a-bed either.

The very talented Marta at Shine On Photography shot these beautiful pictures over our camping weekend.  They give you a taste of life at the big BPS camp.  Thank you Marta.