It’s been a long, strange and changey year.  I turned 40.  I started two businesses, made a lot of decisions and cried a lot of tears.  I faced up to some things, and forgave others.  I finally feel a little like a grown-up.
I’ve been a Mum for over five years now, and have faith in myself.
I have a new-found confidence and direction professionally, based around what I enjoy and not what’s expected of me.
I have welcomed creativity into my life, something I haven’t explored in over 20 years, and have loved it and felt good about it.
I accepted some limitations and have learned to embrace them.  I have learnt that generally, we are not unkind and that we all have our own insecurities which can mean we’re not always mindful.  I can now let these small slips, including my own, pass. Our truths can change from one day to another, but that’s not lying.
I’ve had some deeply crappy moments and some of sheer joy, but feel I know myself better now than ever before.
Is 40 middle-aged now? Am I mid-way through my life? I expect not quite. Both my grannies are still going, well into their 90’s. Far from being past-it, I’m feeling brand new. My kids are at school and pre-school and my world-view is markedly different from pre-babies.
I feel like the coming five years could bring anything. And I’m cool with that. I love the changes life is bringing.