I’ve had a bit of a blogging lull (I appreciate that this is not the first time I have written this post, or one similar).

The last school year has been a whirlwind – I have been busier than I could have ever hoped for doing stuff I love for local businesses, research projects and charities, but now it is time for a little reflection around my work, how much I do (I’ve been flat out), and how I can work smarter and include all the other bits that are important to me and mine into our lives.

Part of that is getting back to blogging.  It not only helps me reflect on life and what matters, but I enjoy it.

I also found myself telling other people that you have to be ‘in the thick of it’ to properly get it, learn it and keep on top of it, and I was feeling a bit dislocated.  Blogging is not just knowing the ins and outs of WordPress (or Blogger or whatever), or being good at writing and snapping photos; but also, being smart about the dissemination of your content, knowing all the applications, strategies and tricks, properly understanding all the social channels, building networks and adopting new technology in a world that is constantly changing.

So, here we go.  A little bit more about Worthing, some recipes, a bit of freelance gubbins, some brain dumpy musings and a few bits about the very slow house do-up we’ll be working on at least until we hit our fluxy fifties.