Like many families, we put a lot of food in the bin or the compost.  I hate waste and I nag incessantly about it which drives us all mad.

It’s exacerbated by our trying to introduce foods to our littlest, who doesn’t enjoy trying new foods and is very selective in her eating.  She hates anything ‘fresh and crisp’, like salad or fruit (it’s a texture thing), but will eat a few cooked veggies.

I’m interested in Ellyn Satter’s approach – dividing the responsibilities of eating and taking the stress and bullshit out of feeding your family.  I’m trying to introduce it, but need to work a bit harder to make it happen (and not nag).

Anyway, I watched this week as yet more fruit became ripe and then overripe in our fruitbowl.  Bemoaning the waste, the cost and the crap-ness of the waste.  I also unpacked more than one lunch with a pristine, untouched sarnie in it alongside cut fruit, elderly grapes and bashed bananas.

I bought these brilliant NomNom pouches recently because my daughter will eat bought smoothies in tetrapacks.  But I hate tetrapacks.  What a waste.  Stuffing ten of those a week into landfill isn’t cool.  So I thought if I’m assiduous in making them totally smooth and thin enough, and don’t try to add too many fruits, perhaps she would eat them.

The pouches cost £20 for 20, so once my kids have used them each a couple of times, I’m thrifty too.

I started with a frozen raspberry, banana and (bought) apple-juice smoothie made in my coffee-grinder and sieved.  She tried it, but didn’t actively like it.  We count a try as a win though.

I tried whizzing raspberries and natural yogurt.  Big no-no.  But I’ll eat those.

Tonight, I took all the old, soft, half eaten and lunch-box-bashed fruit and juiced it.  Our juicer removes all the pulp, although the juice was thick as it had some juicy, over-ripe sharon fruit in it.  It was delicious.  They hated it.  I’ll be drinking those too.

My next attempt will be to chuck it all in the icecream maker and to see if that’s succesful.  but I suspect, I just have a kid who’s an extra-sensory, super-taster, who’ll never eat fruit unless it’s ‘properly’ processed (shop-bought).

Better re-read Ellyn’s advice, print it out and start actually doing it.