I have been wondering what to do with the rest of this packet of Lavash bread I bought last week.  It was great wrapped around humus and served with kofta in a picky mezze last week, but despite being well within its use-by date (its very long dated), it was too dry to wrap around anything today.

It’s from our lovely Teeba on Boundary road (for those of you near Portslade).  Teeba’s great for fresh herbs, veg, fruit and nice, interesting, super-cheap breads as well as cheap coconut oil and buckets of yogurt.

Anyway, I remembered seeing that corn chips are made from corn tortillas, so thought I would try something similar and attempt to make my own thrifty crispies.

I cut the lavash bread into rough triangles with the pizza cutter.  Then I crushed up some garlic chips (the dry ones you buy from the herb and spice aisle), with some paprika and some salt, until I had some very stongly flavoured ‘dust’.  I chucked the whole lot in a bag and gave it a vigorous shake before laying them out over a couple of trays in the oven (fan) at 200 degrees for around ten minutes.  (Do keep an eye on it, as it looks like it would catch quickly).

They were a resounding success! Fat-free, super-crunchy and delicious.  Most were eaten plain, straight out of the oven, but a few made it as far as a pot of humus.  They would be extra-good served with a homemade salsa or an aubergine dip.  I’m thinking they might make a healthier ‘crisp’ for the kids lunchbox as a bit of a treat.

The breads cost £1.20 for three.  I had a whole one leftover, (which would usually have gone in the bin) and made a large bowl (two baking trays worth) of crisps.