Well I’m rather smug at my latest haul from the wonderful Tiba in Portslade.  I’ve always bought nuts, fresh herbs, spices and coconut milk from there, as its very much cheaper than elsewhere and when you eat pistachio nuts in the volume we do, you’ve got to find a sensible price.

But yesterday, I bought 5kg of rice and 15 pita breads there for £5.99!

They also sell delicious, plump fruit and veg as well as slightly scary meat.  You can buy a lambs head if you want to.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what we’re going to feed our students, who are arriving on Saturday. We’ve got two 19-year-old Austrian boys first-off, and I’m worried about filling them up!

I should think a nice lamb (a traditional cut – I cannot cope with a head no matter how thrifty I am being) and chickpea stew alongside a big salad with rice would go down well. Everyone loves spaghetti bolognaise, so we’ll do that.  Chilli?  Roast chicken, filling up on lots of potatoes and veg? We always make our own pizzas, which are cheap and delicious, as well as customisable (K has hers made with pesto rather than tomato sauce).  Lasagne?

I don’t expect teenage boys to be terribly exotic in their tastes, but I don’t want to offer them fish fingers either.

I made wicked omelettes with smoked paprika and salami last night, which we ate with left over new potatoes and salad.  I could keep them simpler for plainer eaters.  We eat Jacket spuds with tuna and mayo or cheese (both for me) at least once a week.

I would love to hear your ideas?  Of course, we are still on our ten weeks of thrift, but having said that, we are being paid to have the boys, and I intend to feed them as I would hope a host family would feed my children, so whilst it wont be steak and lobster, it will be good quality, nutritious food, with lots of variety and veggies.

Have you had students?  Do you feed your family on a budget?  Or do you have some great thrifty recipes you could share?  I would love to hear your ideas.