I shared this recipe on We Love Food facebook page this week, in response to their request for meal ideas.  It’s a delicious, healthy dish and can be expensive with unripe papaya and peanuts and even dried shrimp or cheap as chips done with sweet root veggies!  Leave out the chilli for littles, but I must admit, if you can get littles to eat this, you are doing better than I.  We do sticky rice and broccoli for the children when we have this, and always serve with roast chicken.  Its one of our absolute favourites.

You need a big pestle and mortar, or a heavy bowl and the end of a rolling-pin.

In case you don’t have unripe papaya in your fruit bowl (which you can buy at Unithai in hove or the oriental supermarket in Southwick, where its much cheaper), use grated carrots, parsnips, turnips, or any other sweet, root veg.

Throw lots of garlic (depending on work and social commitments in the morning – you will stink), and (I use one fresh or a teaspoon of dried) chilli into your crushing vessel.

Add a desertspoon or so of palm (or any) sugar, a really good slug of lime or lemon juice, as well as one of fish sauce. Crush it up.  It should be very wet and juicy.

Toss in and gently crush lots of fresh tomatoes and green beans. Pour over your grated veg (cucumber and shredded cabbage are

nice too).  Sprinkle toasted peanuts if you have them, but try other nuts too.  D likes dried shrimp, but it’s too funky for me.

Serve with crispy fried fish, roast chicken, or if veggie, something chewy and umami to go with the salty sweet crunch!