Holy Phok has been open for ages, but we hadn’t made it for a meal until last night.  We took the kids down for opening time – 5.30; thinking we would try a load of dishes and test it out.

Now I wondered about the ‘Better than Squid’, because we are very much lovers of the seafoody stuff and Kitty has never let a mushroom pass her lips, but actually, we all loved it and scoffed it down. 

I followed up with a claypot curry, served with lime leaf rice, which was delicious – spicy and fragrant and very gratifying.  And Damian went for the pork – whiffing of woodsmoke and lipsmackingly lovely.

The girls had Vietnamese Fried Chicken, which is very easy to scoff and a BIG HIT!  And a Chicken Pho – a herbal, lightly spiced, clear chicken broth, glossy with simmering and containing slick rice noodles and soft white breast of chicken – we still have the leftovers in the fridge even after a breakfast shlurpo this morning!

The staff were warm and welcoming and not at all phased by a tired and clumsy smallest.  All in all, it’s made us think about trying to put together another trip to Vietnam, this time with the kiddos.  Last time we went, I was just pregnant with Betsy and now she’s nearly ten!  

Aside from the food, it’s beautiful – strong colours, big neons and a rib tickling name for an eight and ten year old and their easily amused olds.