Tonight I made an easy pasta dinner without frills or fuss because I’m premenstrual, have a cold and am exhausted.

If I could have been bothered, could afford it, or thought the kids might eat it I would have got a takeaway. But I couldn’t/can’t/don’t so didn’t.

Also after a half term of crappy meals and junk food, I think the girls need something nutritious. I waited till they were really hungry and gave them some broccoli before the pasta too.

Without someone to mop my brow, I need something comforting and therapeutic.

Everyone should have a backup of quick easy recipes for when cooking is the last thing you want to do, so if I show you mine, would you show me yours?

Sausage and spinach pasta

A Generous handful of washed spinach
A knob of butter
Some cooked pasta shells
Cold sausages/ham/pancetta cubes
A slosh of milk or cream
A handful of grated cheese

Melt the butter, chop and add the spinach, shells, meat, milk, stir a bit. Add the cheese and a good grind of black pepper.

Put in a bowl and eat in front of telly/fire/in bed with unwriggly people you love.

Smiley girls

I didn’t take a photograph as I was too miserable, so here’s a cheery one of the girls.