Even though its our ‘ten weeks of thrift’, we allowed ourselves a night out last night to celebrate Damian’s 39th Birthday.  Quite how we both got this old, I don’t know, but here we are.

I first spotted the Curry Leaf when I saw a their kids menu on twitter.  I like my children to try lots of foods and flavours, but have a fussy one, and the kids menu looks interesting but not too challenging.  Which covers all bases for us!  I envisaged we would go with the kids, so it was a fantastic treat to be there on our own.

It is not too much to say that I had the best curry I have had in probably 15 years, since D and I were travelling.  Please excuse me if I gush.  It was lush.

Spicy in the proper sense of the word.  Distinct and individual tastes in each dish.  Sophisticated and some dishes were ‘warmly’ spiced but never getting into hot-as-hell territory.

My favourite may have been the Batate Umbade, a potato and mustard seed street snack, served with a gorgeous coconut chutney.  But it may also have been the Hyderabadi Ghosht of mouth-wateringly melty lamb.  And as I sat there I heard the Keralan Pork Curry being very strongly recommended.  And the praises of the prawns sang too.

The lovely woman looking after us, told us all about the Dosa’s served at lunch.  And the deserts (I didn’t, but Damian had warm, chilli-pineapple served with a coconut and lime sorbet – also delicious).  The trio of spiced cupcakes served with traditional tea may tempt me in future.

There’s one thing for absolutely certain.  I’ll be back.  the lunch menu looks AWESOME!


I was not paid for this review.  We went because we liked the look of it.  And we were right!