On the way home from school today my big daughter suggested we go out for dinner to celebrate hump day (she said hill day, but you know – Wednesday).

We’ve been meaning to try Fiordilatte for a while now but keep not getting around to it.  It’s about 20 minutes walk from home (along the seafront), and the sun was shining and what’s more glorious on a coming-up-to-the-end-of-half-term Wednesday night than a stroll in the sunshine on Worthing beach?

Also, the alternative was quiche which I hadn’t actually got around to making yet (I was too busy trying this colour on the wall) and didn’t have any fillings for.  Plain cheese quiche anyone?  I tried to make it fun – ‘hey kids, let’s go to the shop, buy fillings and then MAKE OUR OWN QUICHE’?! Er, so it’ll be pizza then.

Anyway, it was excellent.  I recommend it.  Both kids had the £6.50 kids deal – pizza with two toppings or pasta (check out B’s lasagna), a drink and an ice cream.  The pizza is proper, grown-up, good stuff and even the lemonade is kind of sour and nicer for it.

We’ll definitely go again and since it also does gluten-free pizza and dairy free treats it’s great for our Nana too.