My girls love the circus. Being an Ariel performer is one of the many things B plans to be as an adult, despite the fact that she’s very much not a performer. K loves the greasepaint and glitter and performing is her natural habitat. So when I found a holiday workshop learning circus skills, in a real theatre, on the actual pier, they both begged to go. This is unlike my kids.

I was keen because I suspected they would love it but also I thought it would be creative and physical and a great opportunity to meet other children in Worthing.

At £27.50 each, I can’t pretend it’s a cheap day for two kids, so it was a treat for them, but well worth it. It ran 10.30 – 4 with a half hour performance at the end.

The crew at CircusSeen were super-friendly and my kids just jumped straight in to the warm-up activities when we arrived. This is very unlike my girlies!

They had a wonderful day, trying everything from unicycles through tight-ropes to the beautiful silks and the show at the end was slightly chaotic and inclusive – just as a circus show of kids from 4 to 14 ought to be.

Both daughters begged to be sent to the after school club, and whilst we can’t manage it until we have physically moved, we will definitely sign-up once we’re there.  And most certainly they’ll do the boot-camp again too.

A treat well worth it, and thoroughly enjoyed.

My older daughters last ‘stage’ moment had been a tearful disaster and a confidence trasher, but on stage at the Pavilion Theatre she was strong and proud (and I brimmed with it).  And the little one?  Well….she came home at least but it wont be the last time she treads the boards.

No photos I am afraid, as they’re professionals working with kids, and don’t allow it, but check them out at