I got a bit of flack for my last post where I said I hadn’t yet found any ‘stand out’ food in Worthing yet.  I am a little spoilt, as we just moved from Brighton where there are loads of excellent eateries.  I appreciate that local residents have their favorites built over time and with trust.  I am very grateful for the recommendations (a restaurant can have off days of course, but true loyalty is built by people coming back again and again).  It will take me a little while to work through them. I work and have kids and to be honest the ones where you need an evening without kids may  never get done  take really a lot of time to get to.

This blog is only a little reflection on me and us and what we find – please do google Worthing and its culinary offerings more widely if you’re thinking about eating here!  Worthing has a lot to offer and I have barely scratched the surface.

However, when my husband and I had a sun-shiny spring afternoon unexpectedly to ourselves last Friday, we strolled down to Coast (otherwise known as Cafe Des Artistes) on East Beach, by the Artists Huts and ate baked Camembert, toasted ciabatta and aubergine fries in the sun and it was GOOOOOD.

It wasn’t ‘high-end’ or elaborate or even very difficult to do.  It was rustic and honest and oozy. And we sat behind the windows with the sun on our faces and I loved it, and him, and there.

And we’ll go again.