So where are all those posts about Worthing then?  They’re all here (taps noggin), but I’ve been a bit busy IRL lately and didn’t want to rant/cry/bore everyone.  It’s time for a fresh start I think.

We’re in (its lovely), and we love Worthing, but it was a little bit bumpy along the way (school stuff and change – I’ve bored myself with it all now, and can’t think about it any more).

BUT, now that Springtime is on its way, and a fresh start it upon us once more, the old brain is tickering away, and I need a new project (or three).

  • There’s the house.  Lots to do here.  REALLY.  LOTS.  Not so much home-styling as chimney rebuilding.
  • I need to work more, but want to freelance really, and in Worthing ideally, so thinking about ‘setting myself up’ a bit more for that.
  • I want to do some exploring locally.  To find the good food, coffee and venues in Worthing (The Dome cinema is extremely cool, as are the tea rooms on the south end of the pier) but there IS LITERALLY NO GOOD NOODLE SOUP.  Now that is something that needs to be researched and remedied.
  • Oh, and I have a really angry kid I need to help out.  I’m pretty much open to suggestions on that one.  We have a ‘Powerful and In Control’ chart that’s actually been brilliant.  Acknowledging that anger is a pretty tough thing to manage (whether you’re 5 or 42) has been useful, but we’re very much still working on this one.

I tend not to make new year resolutions in January, but now, with Spring around the corner, the old sap is rising and the synapses pinging with ideas and enthusiasm for new stuff.  And along with all that, I’m pledging to blog a bit more (which is a pretty easy resolution given how much I posted here last year).