The beach

Its quiet.  There’s some sunbathing in the summer.  Families beach-combing.  A bit of dog walking and sea swimming.  But no teeming hoards.

The water is shallow with no quick drop-off (like in Brighton), which means its good for swimming and water-sports.  We swim on the Beaches the East side of Splashpoint Pool (at the bottom of Ham road).  In the summer the water is lovely and warm. Go at low tide and take some waterproof shoes so you can walk out over the stony-ouchy bit.  I am buying a wet suit (and yes, you can hold me to that) and some kind of sea kayak or dingy or boat too in time.

Coast Cafe/Cafe des Artists/the Artist huts/Beach green and the play-park just there.

For coffee, brunch or an ice cream.  An after-school treat, or a quiet moment watching the sunset (or the people or the sea).

We often lunch at coast after a swim at Splashpoint.  I like to sit in the sunshine while my kids play on the pebbles.  Then have a stroll, browsing the artists huts.  A paddle.  A play in the sprayers at Splash Point (not the pool – the sculpture parky bit at the actual point).

The Crab shack is down there too.  It’s a perfect spot to while away a sunny afternoon and evening.  Make a special visit for Sundowners/Sunuppers a streetfood event.

Splashpoint Pool

The best pool in Sussex for kids?  Yep, I would go that far.  Easy parking (keep your ticket for a discount on the door).  Its warm and mostly shallow in the kids pool.  There’s a great flume and even an outside pool for when Sunny Worthing is doing its stuff.  My two adore it and we go often.  There’s also a great lap and teaching pool with a hydraulic floor that they lift and lower depending on the activity.

The Dome Cinema

Even if you never saw a film, the interior, bar and ticket office of the Dome are properly beautiful with great hulking chunks of hundred-year-old projectors (don’t hold me to the dating) and wood paneling.

Having said that, we took the girls to a cool Friday ‘night’ screening of Goosebumps at 5.25pm recently, so they got the full evening experience and we still got them into bed before eight.  A lovely treat for kiddos.

St Paul’s

St Paul’s is cool.  Much like the old and much missed Seven Bees at St Georges church in Kemp Town in Brighton. It’s an old church, which has been pressed into use serving great food and hosting community events.  What’s not to love? Kids are welcome and there’s plenty of space.  They even tolerate public crocheting.

And the bad bits

The poo

It’s everywhere.  Outside your gate in the mornings and beside the school entrance.  There’s a lot on the beach, which is doubly sad as it’s such a lovely beach.  There are campaigns underway – if you’re local, you may want to join the Keep Worthing Clean Facebook group – and there’s a warden and you can report rogue poo-ers, but we have our work cut out.  Do join us.  Lets mobilise the anti-poo brigade and clean up Worthing!

The driving

I have only ever driven in Brighton and Hove.  I learnt old (37 I think), and don’t consider myself to be the best driver in the world.  But I am safe.  The driving in Worthing has shocked me.

No, not young-racers, but mostly (although of course not exclusively), our more senior residents, pottering around, driving the wrong way around car-parks and one way systems, parking on corners, reversing out into main roads and other mad, dangerous, thought-free maneuvering.

Parking on the zigzags outside our school gets barely a second glance and I see a near miss every day.

Parking’s cheap compared to Brighton though and in 10 minute increments, so, you know, it balances out.


So far, there’s nothing stand-out.  The Curry Leaf Cafe has opened a branch at Brighton Station though, so we can still get an excellent takeout if Damian is prepared to bring it home.

I would really like to hear recommendations of where we should eat though, as I’m pretty determined to find the good food and I know new places are opening up all the time.


We love it.  The space.  The house.  The people.  The beach.  But I was always going to say that wasn’t I?