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Curiosity Hub, Brighton

Yesterday, me and my big girl had a day together.  We hardly ever get special time, but it came about because she was booked in to Curiosity Hub at Lighthouse Studios in Brighton, and K is too little (she’s 4). The event was in celebration of Ida Lovelace Day (which is actually on Tuesday 14th October) – an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We’ve come across Curiosity Hub previously, and B is currently attending their after-school session at the Cornerstone Community Centre and adoring it. We originally met at the Mini Maker fair in Brighton, but I had heard about them and emailed back and forth a few times even before that.  I love what they are doing.  It should be happening every day in our schools. Creative, interesting and inspiring stuff.  The children build models with Lego then add motors and link the whole thing up to a click and drag computer program to animate it all. The session yesterday was a freebie to introduce girls specifically to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Curiosity Hub itself is for everyone  It’s simply a cool and interesting club for interested kids and is another one of the many reasons I am happy to live in this wonderful city. This is not a sponsored post.  Just another fantastic example of people doing amazing things for kids...

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Into The Woods – A Review

Last night, D and I had a very rare night out.  We went to the Chocolate Box Theatre’s production of Sondheim’s  ‘Into the Woods’ at the Emporium on London Road. And we absolutely loved it. It’s not our neck-of-the-woods, and I had not been to Emporium before.  I have googled a bit this morning, and can’t find any history but I would be fascinated to hear how the theatre has come about. It’s an old church, an amazing space, but a bit rough around the edges, being pushed back into really valuable use as a theatre and creative community space....

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Tobar Kid’s Compass and Bug Observation Dome

This weekend at our gorgeous Bilingual Primary School‘s summer solstice camp, my long-held theory that all children need to have fun, is nature, freedom and space was absolutely confirmed. Of course, I founded Wildplay, so I would say that wouldn’t I?!  But to see kids from around 40 families making their own games out of nature, ebullience and wildness was life-affirming and wonderful. My two have always been keen on nature and animals and biology.  When they have mates over they often play ‘bug hotel’.  This messy game consists of collecting buckets of mud and leaves from the garden along with any mini beasts...

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Green People deodorant and Suncream

A few weeks ago the lovely folk at Green People asked me to review their suncream and deodorant.  These are two items I have struggled to find natural versions of, that I like.  I have even tried making my own deodorant, which you can read about here. I thought I might make my own suncream too –  I have seen various versions on Pinterest. My greatest challenge with suncream is my very allergic daughter, B.  She has never been able to have any suncream on her face, so just has to wear a hat.  We have used Jason’s Factor 30 Mineral...

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A review of Yo Sushi in Brighton

This is just a quickie.  D got a deal on the weekend before his birthday for 1/3 off at Yo Sushi, so we took the kids.  We knew they would enjoy the novelty of the conveyor belts, and thought it would be fun.  We had our wedding at Moshi Moshi then (Moshimo now), so have always been pretty keen. The kids loved it and B tried lots.  K, less so, but that was expected.  She did eat softshell crab though, and we just want them both to try new stuff and eat happily in different places, so felt this...

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