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When your youngest starts school

Feisty little K starts big school in September.  Looking back, the last six years have gone in a heartbeat.  The girls are only 20 months apart and are now best friends and great playmates.  It’s comparatively (to having smalls) easy. People regularly ask me how I am feeling about her going (and my life changing).  I’m flipping thrilled!  I’m asked with knitted brows and tilted heads, but I am not even a little sad that my special mummy-time is over.  I havent taken great care of me.  I don’t do any classes or go out with friends. My life is almost pure mothering...

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About my burn

At this time of year, I start to become a little more aware of my burn.  It’s visible in a low-ish cut top or even a sleeveless vest.  My scars cover most of my right breast and a grabby off-sewn clutch of skin under my right arm. I’ve always considered myself incredibly lucky as far as my burn is concerned.  It was a terrible injury, but it wasn’t my face.   I was able to breastfeed both my daughters despite it.  It also meant some growing up and turning of corners for me. I was 23, turning 24 in the Summer of 1997.  And (as it should be), I was wild and living a somewhat risky and exciting life.  I rented a room in a big shared house and I partied.  Hard. Before moving to Brighton I had a series of epileptic fits and was on medication for a period.  My seizures were always great big ones.  Grande Mal.  The scary looking ones.  Scarier to see than to be.  I had them in hot places, out of the blue.  Sometimes when I was hung over.  Often 18 months apart. During a fit, I go rigid at first.  Then convulse.  Really convulse. I grunt and groan and my face is a pained mask.  I was always ashamed of my epilepsy and embarrassed and scared by the loss of memory that followed.  It was sometimes hours before...

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Actually camping with Kids. BPS’s Summer Solstice Camp.

Last weekend, we camped at the gorgeous Stonywish with our wonderful school, the Bilingual Primary.  And it was just gorgeous. We ran wild and free.  The kids and the parents too.  There was Shadow Drama and sculpture using clay and natural found materials.  But mostly, just self-led wild exploration and free-form-fun. The families at the school are a very positive, welcoming, creative and inspiring bunch.  I feel at-home and wonderful among them.  This weekend has glued into me that this is absolutely the right school and the environment for us. My kids got wet, climbed trees, jumped ditches, got hurt, supported each other, worked...

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Bad thrift. Ten weeks of thrift (week 3/4)

Burnt (but saved with a scraping) cheap sausage rolls for the party. Princess teddy Thrilled and in a orgy of spending Getting stuffed Loving a bear in a full face balaclava Fresh flowers for the party table New hair. Not even sorry. Poor, poor burrito Once again this has not been a very thrifty week, and I’m beginning to dread writing up my thrift fails, as often the fails reflect badly on me personally.  I’m not great with rules and am very poor at discipline.  I am kind of wondering why I set this up for ten weeks at...

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Camping with kids

And so the packing begins. I know we should take little. But that’s never quite how it pans out. We’re camping with our lovely school and there’s going to be lots of us so realistically, if we haven’t got it, someone else will. There are obvious essentials, such as the tent, sleeping bags and mats. We have firepits so we could do without a stove (although I will be taking one along with my camping kettle, cafetiere and ground coffee). So, other than that, some spare knickers and a bag of marshmallows ought to do it. But then I...

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other stuff

As well as writing about my 40's, I run Do Stuff U Love.  It's a small business, helping other small businesses in Brighton, Hove and Worthing to manage websites, blogs and social media


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